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To the light which is a request on September 24, 2016 on Saturday.
2 people who also have an experience of a famous one-thousand-armed kannon in China will be the first visit to Japan in Japan.
There is also ability as the dancer and it’ll be to make them charm customer’s heart.
Even if vigor will be also the cheerful dancer who dances much and an artificial leg from Japan, the dancer who dances powerfully costars, too.
A place  The KUREO Osaka east building  Hole.
Time  14:00 (reception  13:00).
The person who doesn’t hear an ear is a staff, so please apply by a mail or a fax.
A mail  lwf17521@gmail.com.
An answer becomes slow in case of FAX 078-595-9917( fax, but I return and make a contact, so please wait a moment. When there are no contacts, confirmation for whether it’s without mistakes in the number, please.).

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