Japan Performance World Love



The chief director  YU YING

I’m hearing-impaired person’s Chinese. I get married in 6 years before and live in Japan.
A picture is being drawn from small time, an oil painting is exhibited and it’s being sold.
The dish of grandmother generation after generation is also popular, and a cooking class is being done. (Steamed dumpling and petite Chinese steamed bread, etc..)
I’m also good at a video and a photography, so when there is request, I accept (*’ ω ‘*).

Auditor length NAO

I’m supporting YING. I’m a hearing-impaired person likewise.
DVD edit, a web and design making charge are being done.
When I’d like to establish person with hearing impairments’s movie theater and theater as general corporate judicial person LWF in the future, I dream.
A person with hearing impairments of the world is called and when it’ll be the place which raises an exchange, is happy.
I’m looking for the aggressive sign language translator who can sympathize.
If there is a person who can sympathize with a person with hearing impairments of course, can I have a mail (#^^#)?

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