Japan Performance World Love


How do you do?
General corporate judicial person LWF is the group started only by a hearing-impaired person.
The meaning of LWF which is this organization name?
Love (love)
World (the world)
Friend (friend)
Using the initial which is so, when, the meaning as [friend of the loved world] is being included.
A target of LWF is that a hearing-impaired person establishes the movie theater seen with a subtitles and the theater where a person with disabilities of the world and a Japanese person with disabilities are reasonable and often fond every day.
A performer of a person with disabilities of the world and a normal listener is caused in Japan, and when the person with disabilities is abundant, too and I want many people to see keeping various possibilities, this LWF is planning an event and a lecture. (The Japanese lecture is bad.)
Once for 2 months hold a Chinese food classroom, and edit of a DVD and making give their whole mind one by one, and make and sell the attachment and the accessary taken out in a flea market, and are active variously.
Also support of LWF for us with future, please.
The aggressive sign language translator who can sympathize is looking for it, too.
If there is a person who can sympathize with a person with disabilities of course, can I have a mail (#^^#)?
Our target is big and I’m also needing huge funds.
If there is a person who supports, 100 yen aren’t minded, so also fund-raising, please.
I can tell you a conference name as a token of thanks, and I think of cod.
If there is something NAA where I should have such one, can I have a message?
Stamp for LINE (Chinese sign language can be learned.)
※ We don’t just invite a person with disabilities of the world and a normal listener to LWF, and even Japanese is a performance.
A done person will welcome it. (The domestic lecture is bad.)
Japanese give a performance and when it’s popular, please think I’d like to be a bridge so that I may flap to the world.
I’m here, so I would like to ask you to understand.
General corporate judicial person LWF  Cormorant uei and Nao



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